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Accounting Agency Mesiperä offers wide-ranging accounting and pay roll services.


We offer:
-Financial statements
-Payroll services
-Consulting on starting a business in Finland
-And more


With fixed monthly billing or by the hour, You choose!

Our Services

Accounting and Financial Statements


We recommend our customers digital accounting. E-invoices, electronic account statements and scanned cash receipts make bookkeeping efficient and affordable. Say goodbye to cluttered desks and dusty folders!

You can use your own billing software, or our shared service, such as Netvisor and Merit Aktiva.


We also offer traditional bookkeeping services. Documents and receipts are sent to us by mail, and we deliver reports at agreed intervals, be it once a week or once a year.


We also do separate financial statements, if you do most of your bookkeeping yourself. We also offer help with bookkeeping in arrears.

Payroll Services


Does your company or association pay salaries? Let Mesiperä help you with your legal obligations. We will help you with salary taxes, tax-free reimbursements and fringe benefits.

Starting a business and consulting


Are you interested in starting a business in Finland? What type of company would be best for you? What are some common pitfalls? We offer consulting to existing and future businesses.

We also offer training packages on bookkeeping for associations.



Fixed Price from 39€ / mo


We recommend a fixed price for your chosen services. That way your expenses are predictable.

Billing by the hour from 42€ / h


If you prefer a time-based fee, a breakdown of time spent is attached to each invoice. Thus, you will see what part of the work takes up time, and we can discuss what changes to your procedures would shorten the needed time, e.g. switching to a billing service that is integrated with the accounting software.

All prices without VAT

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Send us a message and ask for a quote! We will discuss what services best suit you, so you can get a custom package!

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